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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sound Punishment – a new full review

One thing you will notice since our mini-review is that the Sound Punishment site has undergone a complete visual makeover. The site now has a clean front page listing the last six updates with the images linking to a film preview page.

The navigation is easy and the number of ‘tour’ pages has been significantly reduced. This, I am told by their web designer, is because extensive monitoring of the traffic through the site revealed that having a lot of preview pages was unnecessary as the vast majority of visitors never completed the tour.

The video preview page has, at the time of this review, over 30 free clips for the latest films, out of a current total of 115 films in the members-area of the site.

The latest clips are all high-quality 960×576 high resolution and last 1 minute each. They give a good flavour of the spanking content available to members.

Inside the members area the navigation is simple and effective with a page of thumbnails for navigating the 150+ high-quality photo-stories and links to two pages containing the schoolgirl and domestic films.

The image galleries contain images which are all 1000 pixels on the longest side and each gallery has its own extensive thumbnail page. All of the full-size images open in anew window when the thumbnail is clicked so that you do not have to be constantly back-paging to get back to the thumbnails.

A sample of the images are displayed at the end of this post.

All the films are now in Windows Media WMV 9 format.

The latest films are in 960×576 pixel format consistent with being filmed on a HDV wide-screen format camera rather than those of the older films which were filmed on a 760x57c HD camera, but all the films are to the highest quality. The lighting is good and the sound recording quality is above average for this kind of movie. It is just a guess but I think this points to off-camera quality microphones being used as there is no evidence of lens motor or camera handling noise – something that is unavoidable when on-camera mics are used.

The films are, as with all spanking sites, somewhat formulaic in format

  • Girl/lady does or is accused of doing something wrong
  • They are told off for it
  • They are punished

This is not a criticism though as all spanking films fit the same format, it just depends on the proportion of each segment that makes up the film. Fortunately Sound Punishment have decided that the first two segments should be minimised and the last, and for us the most important, the punishment maximised. Therefore on average over two thirds of each film is devoted to the placing of hands, paddles, rulers, tawses, plimsolls (gym shoes for our US cousins) straps and canes in close and rapid proximity to a varied selection of bare bottoms. This for our reviewers was a big plus because we see too many films from other sites of 30 minutes duration with only 5 minutes of spanking.

The ladies range from early 20s to mid 50’s and the scenarios include

  • Schoolgirl
  • Adult schoolgirl roleplay
  • Wives
  • Secretaries
  • Lovers
  • Models

and many more.

The acting of the ladies when punished varies from the stoic to almost hysterical weeping and the display of the ladies’ “naughty bits” from full covering to “nurse please pass me the gynoscope” ….

There is something for everyone.

The male leads are good, either a well-known headmaster figure (who owns this site) seen on several other sites to occasional guest spankers which include Mr Stern from English-Spankers. They contribute a good dialogue to the films and the action is filmed to concentrate on the girl and not the spanker.

The cost of membership to this site is $34.95 for 30 days (recurring billing) and $89.95 for 90 days (choosing either recurring or non-recurring billing when you join). At under 40 cents per film this is excellent value for money.

All in all we were very pleased with this site and don’t think you will be disappointed.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sexy Spanking Spanking Sarah blog

There cannot be many spanking fans who are not familar with the name Spanking Sarah yet less then two years ago, this young lady claims that she had not even been spanked! Let alone made a film. I will confess, usually I am quite the cynic but there is something quite believable about the blurb attached to this young ladies blog. I am in the process of reviewing her full paysite and will say that so far, so good. There is however quite a lot of content to watch and in the interest of fairness, I feel I must see every single film on site before I can write a balanced review.

But to continue with the blog. It is of course first and foremost a commercial blog. It is there to promote her paysite. I know therefore that some ‘spankos’ will dismiss it. Commercial = False Right? Well, maybe in some cases but not in this one. The blog is filled with spanking pictures and once a week she writes about the film which will be updated on the site. The rest of the time however she writes, well, she writes what she is feeling. Her writing of this blog gives the reader an insight into her spanking life and the ongoing journey she is on. It seems that she has a regular following and unlike a lot of the more commercial bloggers, she takes the time to answer the comments and questions the readers leave for her.

Some of her posts are erotic, others heart warming and some are quite funny. I am not quite sure if they are meant to be though. Spanking Sarah is in my opinion well worth a read. See the site here

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Red Stripe films mini review

Red stripe films is another site which mixes the spanking and sex elelment but could not, in my opinion differ more from the previous review.

Sandy seems to be the main character on the RedStripe website, in saying that, I had to go back a long way through the free clips to find any evidence of this lady. She is kindly put, a little more mature than takes my fancy and perhaps a little too full of figure but I am well aware that quite a lot of gentleman and indeed ladies, do favour this look over more ‘stick thin’ model types.

A lot of free content is available on this site – again, not sure if they need to give quite so much away and the quality of all the clips I saw where good. The ladies range from the very young and beautiful to the quite old and not so, but as they say, beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

I can see that this site would hold a lot of appeal for the gentleman who dreams of getting hold of ‘the girl next door’ giving her a good seeing to before pulling her over his knee.

From what I have so far seen I can honestly say that this site covers a niche which needed to be met in the spanking market place. The sex element is almost dirty and the punishments seem not only genuine, but hard in their application. My only real criticism would be that finding the ‘join page’ was not as easy as perhaps it could have been. I may be wrong, but I was unable to find a ‘join’ option on the first page. Membership is reasonable (when you find out where you can get it that is) at only £16.65 for thirty days.

Would I join? The answer to that question is perhaps no. Can I see why many would? Absolutely and I would like to commend Sandy and co for showing the world that spanking is not just for the body beautiful.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spanking Sarah mini review

Spanking Sarah is a relatively new website which does what many are frightened to do. It incorporates spanking and sex. Now, this of course, is not for everyone and if you are of the ‘no sex with my spankings’ persuasion, then I suggest you ‘look away now’

The site itself is new and fresh looking and is updated on a weekly basis. It claims that the films are shot in high definition and judging by the quality of the free clips, I do believe this to be the case. There are not one, but two pages of clips showing trailers of the antics of Sarah and Co. I am not sure if so much free content is required but who am I to complain? The membership price seems more than reasonable £16.65 gbp for 30 days or £68.67 for 180 days with the promise that a continuation of your membership will mean that you get to keep the same price forever.

If Spanking Sarah is indeed what it claims to be on the tin, then I can’t see there being any real complaints to be made about this site. I will of course be able to tell you more once I have done a full review of the sites content.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

English Spankers – full review

English Spankers has for many years been a leader in British Spanking web sites. They were the first to start shooting and editing their material in High Definition video and, because of the long association with Remington Steel, a renowned producer and film maker, their production methods and quality were guaranteed to lead the site where others just could not go. That there have been a number of changes of direction within the site will not please everyone but I look at it from the viewpoint that change, movement and diversity are important factors in keeping a website live and pertinent to today.

What did I not like? Well I have noticed that some of the films I liked to go back to from time to time to watch and re-watch seem to have disappeared, that photo sets are not always relevant to the film, that the content varied between school type scenarios with lovely young girls being well spanked and the more ‘domestic’ or office, home based scenes with more mature but, it must be said, still very attractive ladies. I suppose here I am showing a bias towards my own likes and dislikes.
The webmaster at ES told me that films that do from time to time disappear will come back only re-edited and at a much higher quality. I had forgotten that this site has been running for many years now and the earlier films will have been encoded at lesser codec’s than we find acceptable at the top end today.

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